Home of Light Trailer - New expansion of the X Rebirth universe

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Home of Light (HoL) is an exciting expansion of the X Rebirth universe and makes best use of the many new features of X Rebirth 4.0:

-(HoL) Much larger universe: The Home of Light expansion will bring three entire new systems, including the central Home of Light, known from the X3 games, with a massive new economy.
-(HoL and 4.0) Bulletin Board System (BBS): The new BBS system collects all currently available missions in space for an easier overview.
-(4.0) Trade improvements: Graphs showing market developments over time, a
best deal finder and many UI improvements to make trading easier.
-(4.0) New engine technology: Extend your ship with a Jump Drive and other new technology to travel through the universe quicker than ever.
-(HoL) Trade stations: A new station type allows you to stock large amounts of any wares you like. Buy up goods when they are cheap and sell when the price is high or your competitors' stations mysteriously explode.
-(4.0) Customisable weapon upgrades: Craft weapon modifications to improve your favourite weapons.
-(HoL and 4.0) New enemies, new weapons, new missions, new and mysterious phenomena.
-(HoL and 4.0) Many new secrets to explore in the outskirts of the ever- growing X universe.