Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal - Behind the Scenes on Chinatown

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Go behind the scenes with this insider look at Chinatown, a new map in Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal, inspired by Grand Bazaar from Battlefield 3.

The gritty streets of New York’s Chinatown are the site of a massive crime ring, and when the cops break it up it’s every criminal for himself. The narrow alleys offer precious few places to take cover, but enterprising thieves might find other ways around. Among the garish lights and grand, bizarre pagodas, gather up whatever cash and valuables you can find and make your escape, or get a group together and fight to take over the center of the neighborhood.

You might think that the fireworks, smoke, and narrow spaces in front of storefronts might offer you some concealment or protection from enemies a half a block away, but forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown.

Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal will be releasing on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 to Battlefield Hardline Premium members in March 2016.

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