Total War: ARENA - Vercingetorix The Defiant trailer

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The time of Vercingetorix the Defiant is here! Our latest commander has unlocked in Total War: ARENA, the epic, team-based strategy game featuring some of the most iconic commanders in anciert history.

Vercingetorix was a Gallic chieftain who defied the might of Rome under Julius Caesar fighting for his people. His name means "Victor of a Hundred Battles". Tall and handsome, he was a charismatic leader and public speaker who rallied people to his cause through the power of his words as well as actions.

The Vercingetorix the Defiant update introduces a new commander and various improvements to the game, and comes soon after the release of ARENA's newest map, Gergovia. For the full update notes visit:…ercingetorix-the-defiant/

Total War: ARENA is free to play. To join the Closed Beta, sign up at The game is currently open in Europe and Russia, with US servers coming soon.

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