XenoRaptor - Announce Trailer

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Release: 17/18 Dec (PS4 NA/EU)

"XenoRaptor is a frantic and frenzied twin-stick shooter, pitting ridiculously armed space dragons against an interstellar armada. Strip your defeated foes of their parts to assemble the ultimate weapon. From evasive teleporting and defensive mines, to railguns, tractor beams, and mind control, XenoRaptor is bullet-hell action with countless tactical possibilities.

Key features

• Arm your cyberdragon with various hulls and engines, and weapons such as lightning shotguns, laser nukes, ghost missiles, and more
• Face the might of a space skeleton armada and defeat screen-filling bosses
• Strategically turn environmental hazards – such as asteroids, mine fields, and radioactive clouds – against your enemies
•Test your skills in the campaign, boss rush mode, and alongside friends in local co-op"