Valhalla Hills - Release Trailer

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Build your Viking village! Valhalla Hills – Definitive Edition is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Definitive Edition includes the DLC “Sand of the Damned” and “Fire Mountains”, as well as a new EXCLUSIVE map type – "The Dwarf Cave".

Lead your band of outcast Viking warriors through the mountainous landscapes of Valhalla Hills, where a magical portal awaits to take you to your rightful place in the realm of the gods. But the journey is a hazardous one, and the Vikings will need to do one thing first…survive!

No two maps will ever be the same. Randomly generated maps, day and night cycles and a well-balanced economic system provide endless challenges and variety. You'll need to apply new strategies to conquer each new mountain and enemy.

Build and manage a thriving Viking settlement with over 35 different buildings – protect your settlers, gather food, chuck wood and make sure that your Viking flock is well-prepared for the next step towards Valhalla.