Stronghold: Drawbridge - Announcement Trailer

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While the folks here at Firefly Studios are busy bringing Stronghold Kingdoms to mobile, Stronghold 2: Steam Edition to... Steam and an all-new Stronghold game to PC, today we are intensely proud to reveal yet another entirely separate Stronghold project on this day, April 1st 2017.

Following one full day of intense prototyping, high power design meetings and coffee breaks, we eventually gave up and copied whatever genre is 'Hot Right Now'. Turns out everyone loves a good collectable card game. Enjoy!

Behold the first ever early prototype pre-alpha not final work in progress not for pubic release gameplay footage of Stronghold: Drawbridge, a revolution in the CCG genre that's about to take the world by storm!

Key Features:

• Deal damage as The Wolf, The Rat, The Snake or The Pig.
• Shuffle your way to the top of global leaderboards.
• Discard your opponents with sweet card-based combos.
• Suit yourself with custom decks and character builds.
• Show your hand! Taunt before delivering the killing blow for bonus XP.