Transport Fever - Launch Trailer

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Transport Fever is now available on Windows PC, Mac and Linux via Steam & GOG:
Players that already own Train Fever can hop on board with a special 15% discount on Steam and GOG from now until Dec. 8. For more on the game, please visit

The successor to the hit 2014 railway management sim Train Fever, Transport Fever takes pioneering metro tycoons through the history of transit with a robust campaign mode featuring an arsenal of brand new fleets, including trains, planes, ships, busses and trams. It features enhanced community-based modding support through Steam Workshop, upgraded railroad and street construction systems, improved UI and much more.

Transport Fever lets players design and shape intricate networks of transit and shipping by land, sea and air to build thriving empires of commerce and infrastructure. Supply industries with freight, develop complex cargo chains and link major hubs of trade to fuel rapid economic expansion. Construct and upgrade stations, harbors and airports to meet the changing needs of growing cities, then watch them evolve over time with dynamically simulated urban development and passenger movement.

Transport Fever draws from over 150 years of transportation history with more than 120 realistically detailed and moving trains, aircraft, ships, buses, trams and trucks that age with the passage of time. Campaign mode offers a wide range of real-world transit challenges inspired by North America and Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries, while endless mode lets endeavoring industrialists go wild with their imaginations in fully realized environments.

Flexible tools and an intuitive interface make laying down new roads and rails more straightforward and easy, giving players freedom to transform terrain and bend any challenge to their will, while Steam Workshop integration and extensive modding support allow for additional feats of community creativity.