Stronghold Kingdoms: Heretic - Launch Trailer

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Heretic is our new free PvE expansion for Stronghold Kingdoms. Designed offer both PvE and PvP players reason to play together in a single game world, Heretic offers you two choices. Either crusade with fellow lords against The Rat, The Snake and other nefarious Stronghold characters or join forces with The Wolf and go heretic! Build up kill streaks as you capture and destroy AI villages or betray your fellow players and unleash total anarchy!

Following his raid on the British Isles, The Wolf has come to Europe. Stronghold Kingdoms: Heretic is a world where your fellow players can betray you in the blink of an eye. Any player above Rank 7 (Bondsman) can turn, so watch your back! For the noble crusader there is the prospect of increased Honour bonuses, an increased Faith Point cap and a spot on the in-game leaderboard, whereas the heretic sees chaos as its own reward.

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