League of Maidens Official Game Trailer

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League of Maidens® is a 3D free-to-play online battle arena real time strategy game for PC/Mac featuring beautiful maidens with superhuman powers. Players battle each other in teams of 5 to destroy towers guarding the enemy base. The match is won when all towers are destroyed including the main tower located in the enemy base. The game has many innovative features some of which are listed below.

- FPS style shooting and projectile attacks
- 3rd person melee fighting with combo ability and combo counters
- Human flight at the speed of sound
- Swimming and car/truck driving
- Lifting and flying with cars/trucks
- Grabbing enemies while flying at high speed and smashing them into the ground or buildings
- Two different character versions that can be customized and swapped during live gameplay.
- Indoor and outdoor combat
- Real time stragetic battle choices
- Building and environment destruction
- In-depth character customization
- Dynamic day/night cycles and weather
- Building and recruiting military assets (soldiers, tanks, turrets, war ships and jets) and much more.