Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition - Trailer

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Lead the siege as fantasy characters throughout history! Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition takes the beloved castle building series and plunges it into myth and legend. Play as King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, Count Vlad Dracul or relive the heroic saga of the mighty Siegfried of Germany in twenty four story missions. The single player experience is divided across three unique campaigns. After completing the three beginner missions players can choose between King Arthur, Siegfried and Vlad Dracul campaigns. Each brings with it a new environment, special units and difficulty. With huge battles and a focus on fast-paced RTS combat, Stronghold Legend: Steam Edition also features cooperative multiplayer against computer-controlled opponents and four multiplayer game modes. Launch werewolves into enemy castles via catapult, incinerate troops with dragon fire and obliterate enemy defences using the power of the Knights of the Round Table with up to four players. This new Steam version also includes enhanced graphics, bonus campaigns, exclusive maps, trading cards and Steam multiplayer.

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