Attack on Titan Launch Trailer

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Showcasing the Scout Regiment as they repel the fearsome Titans threatening humanity, the launch trailer for Attack on Titan officially reveals that players will be able to play beyond the end of the show's first season via extra game-exclusive missions! Capturing intense, action-packed combat and impressive attack moves, the launch trailer reveals two sinister new types of Titans for players to take down. The Armored Titan, a 50 foot tall behemoth with immense strength and speed can destroy anything in its path, and the monstrous Beast Titan is a gigantic ape-like creature that uses immeasurable amounts of force to crush its foes! These extra missions offer additional high-octane battles and exhilarating action within the Attack on Titan universe.

Those who pre-order Attack on Titan from Amazon, GameStop or Best Buy will receive two different downloadable bonus costumes: The Clean-Up Eren & Levi Costumes, as well as Mikasa's Costume 'Summer Festival'. Alternatively, those who purchase on PlayStation®4 digitally through the PlayStation®Store will receive a selection of Character Avatars featuring fan-favorite characters Eren, Levi and Mikasa!

Coming to PS4, Xbox One, Steam, PS3 and PS Vita on August 30th! For more information, please visit the official site:

PS4/XboxOne (Physical)
PS4/XboxOne/PS3/PS Vita/PC Steam (Digital)

Pre-order from Amazon, Gamestop or BestBuy while you still can! (PS4/XboxOne)
Get the game and "dedicate your hearts!"

Get two bonus costumes: Clean Up Eren & Levi Costumes
& Mikasa's Costume 'Summer Festival' (Amazon - PS4/Xbox One) (Gamestop - PS4) (Gamestop - Xbox One) (Bestbuy - PS4) (BestBuy - Xbox One) (EB Canada - PS4) (EB Canada - XboxOne)

On Launch day August 30th people who purchase the game digitally via PS4 will get PSN Avatars!
(All Digital versions do not have pre-orders will be available for purchase on launch day)