Quake Champions and eSports

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id Software isn’t just known for helping create the shooter genre with classics like DOOM and Quake. They’ve also shown themselves to be leaders in the eSports arena, having run competitive gaming events for years at QuakeCon. With Quake Champions, id wants to up the ante, delivering a game that’s not only built with eSports in mind but is also supported with leagues, tournaments and championships. Find out more from id Software’s Studio Director Tim Willits about how Quake Champions will deliver a game that’s balanced and ready for eSports when it releases on PC.

We’ll have even more info on Quake Champions at this year’s QuakeCon (August 4-7). Keep an eye on Bethesda.net for the latest news and stay up to date with all the latest information on Quake Champions at Quake.com.

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