HITMAN: Summer Bonus Episode - Launch Trailer

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Consisting of two separate ICA missions, The Summer Bonus Episode catalogues Agent 47’s first trips to Sapienza and Marrakesh, and is set apart from the main story.
The Summer Bonus Episode includes a range of new in-game Challenges and Opportunities along with an entirely new setting for Escalation Contracts and Elusive Targets.

The Icon
When the town of Sapienza is taken over by a film crew shooting a new sci-fi blockbuster.
Agent 47 must aim to retire one of the cast members during a climactic scene being staged late at night in the town square.

A House Built on Sand
Set at the frenetic night markets in Marrakesh, a mole for a major construction company is about to sell secrets to their largest rivals.
Agent 47 is tasked with making sure the leak stops there.

For players who own the Full Experience or own the combination of Intro Pack + Upgrade Pack, the Summer Bonus Episode is included at no additional cost and will unlock on July 19th. For all other players, the Summer Bonus Episode will be available for individual purchase later in the Season, packaged together with a third bonus mission for one price.
At that time, Full Experience and Upgrade Pack owners will also get access to the third bonus mission at no additional cost.