Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII - Launch Trailer

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Today we proudly announce the triumphant return of the renowned strategy franchise Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII for PS4 (Physical/Digital) & PC(Steam).

In Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII, players will experience a climactic and historically-accurate story-line rich with Chinese history, and complete with detailed CG cut-scenes that highlight the most heroic deeds of the strongest, wisest, and most powerful individuals of the Three Kingdoms Era. As players learn how to employ strategic game-play options and harness advanced game mechanics, the tale of a collapsing dynasty and the emergence of power-hungry factions unfolds into a complex chessboard on which players can influence the fateful events leading to the unification of 2nd century China. Players can climb the proverbial leadership ladder as one of 700 historical characters during a turbulent era of political instability, large-scale conflict, and human drama.

Explore the myriad of experiences within the world of Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII, covering Civil Development, Diplomacy, Debates, Duels, open field battles, sieges, naval battles and more with game-play differing depending on the situation at hand. Cities can be built and developed; alliances can be fostered or broken; armies can be mustered and deployed. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII prides itself on offering a wide range of options for conflict resolution including a robust army composition selection, while special care has been taken to incorporate diplomacy and personal relationships, giving the player an extra incentive to build a stable and loyal network of friends and allies.

This comprehensive and exceptionally detailed strategy title features two compelling game-play experiences: A campaign mode provides the freedom to choose a starting year and customize the board to the player’s liking, and Hero Mode closely follows historical events while teaching players all of the game’s mechanics. Players must decide for themselves whether they will follow a favorite historical figure to glory, or rise up and claim their place in history by uniting China under their own banner!

For PC Steam users, there will be an early purchase bonus starting from today (only lasting a week)
The early purchase bonus includes a $10 discount as well as The Battle of Chibi, Thirteen Heroes and the Campaign Against Lu Bu scenarios