Galaga Wars - Android/IOS - Humanity's Last Hope

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They came from somewhere, they want something... You are Humanity's Last Hope!

As a GALAGA Fighter, you have powerful weapons at your disposal. Blast insects with powerful lasers (PEW PEW!!), and give them a run for their money with the mighty rockets (BOOM!!!), and drop dangerous space mines on the Queen Bee. You will need every bit of firepower, so be sure to unlock and upgrade the full arsenal. Select one of your favorite starships (based on famous games from the past), launch into the skies and prove your worth on the galactic battlefield. Your friends are already out there: If you can save them from the claws of the insects, you will activate the famous “Twin Mode” which doubles your firepower. GALAGA WARS comes with an epic soundtrack, responsive touch controls and beautiful graphics.

Pilots, be prepared! GALAGA WARS is already available in Australia, Canada, Netherlands and New Zealand and soon all fighters worldwide will be called upon to join the battle on the App Store and Google Play!

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