The Elder Scrolls: Legends - PAX East 2016 Developer Gameplay

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See highlights of The Elder Scrolls: Legends from our PAX East 2016 developer stage show.

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Match 1: (00:01 -11:30)
Narrator: Pete Hines
Players: Paul Dennen (Merakon) vs Kevin Spek (DoctorRobot)

Match 2: (11:50 – 17:06)
Narrator: Kevin Spek
Players: Paul Dennen (Merakon) vs Pete Hines (DCDeacon)

Match 3: (17:30 - 29:02)
Narrator: Kevin Spek & Frank Lepore
Players: Paul Dennen (Merakon) vs Pete Hines (DCDeacon)

Match 4: (29:02 – 40:43)
Narrator: Frank Lepore
Players: Pete Hines (DCDeacon) vs Paul Dennen (Merakon)

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